Like all good superheros, I like to run in disguise. Not because I am shy (well maybe a little) but because reading is my super power, and all the superheros I have ever known about kept their identities separate. A bit of mystery and mystique goes a long way.

So who is that masked lady? If you are in to labels, in no particular order, I am:

A frazzled Mum of two boys

A proud Auntie

An English Literature graduate

Late-night reader

Tea drinker

A girl on fire

Qualified Teacher


Like the odd unplanned adventure

Have a vivid imagination

Love sharing my love of reading with others

Had a very inspiring Granddad

Thinks that Shakespeare rocks!

Has a penchant for anything ghostly or gothic

Shouldn’t have read so many of those literary giants, the ones with tall, dark brooding men. Darcy, Heathcliff and Rochester have a lot to answer for!

Thinks you should read a varied palette of books.

Thinks people should remember that reading doesn’t always have to be high -brow. Sometimes we may need to be moved. Sometimes inspired. Maybe amused. Definitely scared. Or thrilled. The point is- what you read will vary depending on you mood or taste- what matters is that you enjoy it!

So, there you have it. You know a little about me. Really, though you will learn far more from reading my book reviews. I firmly believe that we bring ourselves and our experiences to the books that we read. This is why none of us read the same book AND why our opinions of them change. It is also part of why I wanted to give blogging a go: to share my experiences/ opinions and hear other peoples’ responses. So stop by- I hope to be hearing your responses soon.



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